The water flow reduced recently. The Handyguys are not appliance repairmen and we have not researched the flapper issue. I think that you have hit the nail on its head. My water inlet valve is a single solenoid, I believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 Refrigerator Water Inlet. Yikes – You might try and see if you can buy a new door online or just replace the fridge. I changed the water filter and reset it. GSS25sGRFSS about 15 years. They are all -up to that point, outside the fridge on the back, so they can’t be frozen. The odd part is that it only started doing this a few months ago… 7 years after I bought the house (and fridge). I am scared it will flood when I am out of town. How can we avoid this ice formation? Check the refrigerator’s filter. Next, consider changing the water filter if you haven’t done so in quite some time. If you find ice inside the ice mold, it means your ice maker is receiving water and the problem likely isn't with the water supply. Holy crap!! Refrigerator Door Switch Faulty. off. Using crimp connectors will only be a temporary solution because they will corrode again. My issue is that my GE Profile Performance won’t switch between cubes and crushed ice. You could maybe replace the door but that can be very expensive. temp. After I defrosted the freezer, the ice dispenser will only dispense crushed ice, not cubes, when I press the cube button, and makes a lot of noise doing it. Turn Water Supply ON To Make Ice. run but it is not cooling. I cant say exactly how to install it but usually its somewhat obvious when looking at the new part. How can I solve this problem? This video was very helpful and my GE fridge won’t dispense water or ice either. 10 possible causes and potential solutions . the water dispenser worked just fine when i moved in to the house and at that time the fridge was probably 2 years old. Eastman 48355 Polyethylene Tubing Icemaker/Filter Kit. If there is I can’t locate it. I have a GE GSS22JETACC which I already have replaced the water inlet valve last month. The solenoid pulls the ice crusher up but the auger will not turn even after replacing motor. It isn’t one we have dealt with before. I’m an appliance guy and have created a tool that can thaw a frozen dispenser line in about 30 seconds. Replaced filter with bypass and the problem was still there. When that ice maker stops working, you may be tempted to call a service technician. First there was no water, we changed the filter, and we got water from both the water and ice dispensers, with the ice dispenser just totally flowing water, but only when ice or water is called for. Fixed 12/2011. Air in the water lines can cause water to drip from the dispenser and cause the ice maker to make hollow or small ice cubes.. You could try a hairdryer on low heat and carefully warm up any moving parts and see if that helps. Hope this helps. The fridge leaks water from the bottom of the fridge only when you press dispenser. Removed the bulb and they work again. HELP. GE Service tech admitted that there were problems with the original ice maker design! Hmmm, very weird. The reservoir tank or tubing has not filled yet. Thanks to those who posted suggestions on fixing these problems. Turn the water back on and see if it even flows. Surprisingly it worked! I had a similar problem where the water/ice dispenser would work intermittently or not at all. I cleaned all the mold & crud, applied oil to the plunger. Defrosted overnight and it thawed, but refroze the next day. In addition, check the dispenser actuator pin to ensure that it moves freely. I have only been able to find a wiring schematic for the main board—no luck so far for the dispenser. I have had problems with my water line freezing in our 2007 GE side by side for several years. Yeah, I had put the silver bubble wrap on the inside of the door. Bad dispenser switch. I turned it down to 2 again and this worked for a while, then eventually it stopped working for good. I know you said you have full flow to the filter. no lights come on and no buttons work. Your repair has not fixed the problem. Essentially its a column of air in a pipe that compresses and expands with changes in the water. We were offered a bigger, nicer refrigerator recently, so we took it, not knowing we would have the same problem. Are you sure you are doing it correctly? Very low water flow in both dispenser and in ice maker. We are no longer getting ice, but we are getting puddles in front of the freezer compartment every once in a while. You should be able to get it at the home center, hardware store and auto parts store or online here Frozen ice in the bucket can cause crushed cubes only or keep ice from dispensing at all. I filled the bottle with hot water, inserted the flexible tube up the spout and squeezed the bottle. nothing is working. It had been working just fine until today, the water light indicator is flashing, not the filter, but the water, so now no water is coming out nor ice. I disconnected the water supply line and water was flowing fine. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Ice Dispenser Solenoid for General Electric PSS26MSWASS Not dispensing water #AP3963333 for Refrigerator made by GE. Can anyone pinpoint if this is the control board or dispenser switch? So much for “high end” GE Profile appliances! I cut out the coupler and reconnected the wires using appropriate crimpers and electrical tape. I have a Kenmore side by side dispenser refrigerator. In the meantime i stumbled upon a video that suggests using a 8-9 inch piece of weed wacker line to break through the frozen area which is usually about 2.5 inches back from the outlet. The flapper may need adjusting or your solinoid went bad. Nothing happens. That is just for starters, it was always something with GE refrigerators. Is there a way to remove and replace this cracked water line under the unit? I had the same problem with the flapper not closing and ice forming. I have a Kenmore side by side that we got for free. Hi, i have a kenmore side by side and the water dispenser is not working but i remove the pur filter and it work, i replace the filter with a new one and still not working when the filter is in, only works without the filter. We have replaced the filter in the frig compartment but that did not help. ICE MAKER IS TURNED OFF. Ice maker makes ice fine. It has some water in it, but certainly is not full. Any sugggests on what number to call..etc would be so helpful. Watched your video – the light still works in the door – the opening for the ice to come out is stuck open – cold air is coming out of opening – water/ ice is not working now. I broke down and spent the $120, got the product, installed in about 20 minutes as I’m not that handy but it works perfectly. With a complete defrost of the freezer and no fan running to evaporate the water, the evaporator pan could have overflowed onto the floor. Yup, we agree that a dielectric paste or grease would be a good idea. Any help would be appreciated. Reply. My GE side-by-side refrigerator is now in a competition with the Kenmore elite (Whirlpool made) dishwasher as the worst appliance ever owned by Handyguy Paul. Step by step instructions on how to replace a GE Smartwater Mwfp Refrigerator Water Filter for General Electric GSH25JSXNSS Ice maker not making ice #AP5788185 for Refrigerator made by GE, Kenmore. You can open up the kick plate at the bottom of your unit and look for the coupler under the freezer door where the water line is routed from the back of the freezer up to the dispenser. Have you checked the auger area to see if there are frozen ice cubes in there? Worst case is your fridge gets cleaned out, best case you fixed it and it doesn’t cost a dime. If he re-attached a tank I suspect that fixed the leak. The water is slower but does dispense into a glass. What is the problem? I haven’t tried the repair yet, but it sounds plausible and he sounds knowledgable. Now the water dispenser will only fill 4 ounces at a time and then stop. I just had a handyman here to fix the water leaking problem, where we have a recurring puddle on the floor. I came home this afternoon after being out of the house for around 4 hours to find the refrigerator door slightly open. What do I do here? Please what should I do? It was very obvious when I opened the bottom panel to expose the rusted out connector this was the problem. Thanks for the input Bob. It no longer feels smooth when engaged. Now stainless steel finished is damaged with spots & streaks running below dispenser. Thank you, problem with GE side by side refrigerator, water leaking from behind panel on door, where dispenser is, you can press the panel and water will flow out to the floor. After searching the internet for answers there was an easy solution. Perhaps try a new filter to see if that fixes the issue. All you’ll have to do is replace the failed part. The air was making the ice dispenser have buildup which ultimately made a lot of noise and crushed ice. I have water leaking on the floor now, and the water dispenser has been frozen over a year. We have worked on this thing till we are ready to toss it! The panel at the top in the refrig is out except a blinking “HRS” code. If only the water flow is broken, you may have a bad water valve on the back of the unit. But it does sound like that is it. You can test the heating element for continuity, it should NOT be “open” and should have continuity. However, I need help with a different problem and ask help from the fixit community. My dishwasher problems (and fixes!) I guess it is too old. To work properly, the ice maker requires that the water pressure be between 40 and 120 pounds per square inch, or psi. Time is what we need. It did begin working again for a few days at a time. What could this be?? My refrigerator is running, but it is not cool or cool enough. I was also able to blow air from disconnect back to dispenser easily. It seems like the longer you leave it alone–the more water comes out before is does this. GE Fridge ice maker works, water dispenser does not. Hank. Profile refrig until it finally stopped working. Thank you so much! If the dispenser is not dispensing ice at all, check the following things to see if it is something you can fix yourself or if your refrigerator requires service. I had the same problem. Water stopped, then ice, got new filter again Look for a new dispenser mechanism. RUN FROM GE PRODUCTS!!!! A lightning stroke and it blew out the main circuit board which looks just like a motherboard in a desktop computer. Are you sure you have decent water flow to the fridge? This sounds like my problem I have GE side by side, removing the bulb didn’t work and when I tried fixing it like the video I couldn’t find the wire. How do I get it out? DONT UNDERSTAND. If the flapper is actually hanging open a bit, then it’s likely that the spring that is supposed to hold it close is broken, weak or missing. If that is what you’re talking about, it simply pops off, there are three clips down the right side and three down the left side. Search for parts for your fridge. Where do I go next? The refrigerator will start running nonstop (in a defrost cycle I believe) the temperature in both the freezer and refrigerator will steadily rise. I am trying to figure out how to replace the plastic moveable part on the front door of my refg. I’ve had the same problem. Had there been a leak in the water dispenser (or any other park of the water line) the water leak would have not shut off. The dispenser is located on the outside of the freezer door. You need to install the GE heater element. Best check first. Is it an easy task to replace this part with a new one? And I tried pressing the lock button to reset. It is worth trying to replace the control board. It is common that the filter gets clogged just enough to keep the water filter from receiving enough water pressure to fill the ice tray. See Video for more details. After it has sat warm for a while it will start to work again. Have had a chronic problem of a frozen water line to the dispenser. took it out now the fan and copm. My advice: before you call the GE appliance repair people, try out some of the suggestions. I have confirmed it is not the filter causing the issue. First, I read the appliance manual, which said to change out the in-fridge water filter. Any help would be appreciated, GE used to give these away for free if you called their customer service line and told them about your frozen water line. Make sure the filter is properly installed. My GE side by side Profile Model PSS2SHR refrigerator ice maker and water not dispensing. That did not help. I double checked the water supply valve to make certain it's on and it is. Can you post a tutorial on changing the filter? Thank you! We tried putting the old filter back in, but it doesn’t work now either. About half the time it works just fine. if you have a water dispenser that works then dont bother, the supply line is fine. The valve … H20 keeps running out of the ice maker after the tray is full for several seconds. I’d rather test for continuity and find a faulty component than drop $80 on a new board if possible. Hmmm, That is a tough one. I fear prying it off may break the trim piece. Haven’t figured anyway around this except I make sure the flapper always us closed. We have never replaced the water filter. The water inlet valve is an electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply water to the dispenser and ice maker. I s hold have listened to my gut and told him to back off, as the wires barely made their connections to the control board. So far it seems to not be leaking. According to GE Appliances, you may either notice a slowing of the water flow or find it has stopped completely. I’ve noticed that if I run the water at the kitchen sink for a few seconds, the fridge water dispenser will start working again. My water dispenser is dripping or leaking water. Ive never had fridge with ice maker and i bought one its ge side by side but have no clue how get it work where and what hose needs be hooked up or anything….please help…. A giant leap in production quality! When we try to dispense water/ice, nothing happens except the LED screen displays the refrigerator actual temp 38 and the set temp. Solder in a Tee, a normal shutoff valve and a connector for the supply line. Just before ice stopped, it delivered crushed, with ice button on. Check out the video I made for more details on the water and ice dispenser problem and see the revenge I take on my refrigerator unit. It stopped dispensing water and the light is blinking constantly on the front panel. I am so excited to report after rewiring the connector, as the video showed, my ice/water dispenser is now working again. You can test this without disassembly by unplugging the fridge, activate the dispenser arm very slowly and gently. 549. Of course, over time and with normal water pressure, water in the plumbing system will absorb the trapped air. You can test this theory. The drip pan is directly behind these wires and warm moist air is being blown directly over these wires every time the defrost fan comes on. I then opened the main water valve fully, pulled out the fridge (putting very thin pieces of wood under where the rollers would roll…this was a bit tricky), but manageable) and did the same restriction on the valve behind the refrigerator. This is not uncommon on the GE side by sides. The wires get cold and when that warm moist air blows (from the evaporator pan), the water vapor condenses on the wires. Enter the model of your fridge. You should only get a trickle. The dispenser light bulb is also burnt out. That sound very very similar to the issue fixed in the video. If you have a water filter it should be changed regularly. Then I disconnected the tube under the fridge and once again water was flowing fine. The ice works fine and the light works find. In my case, it worked just great. Any ideas. trying to unplug the freezer door electrical plug at bottom of door so I can remove the door, need to move to another room. Two things are most likely in this instance. EXACT same problem. Could have definitely been clogged or pinched. Keep up the great work. I HAVE A SIDE BY SIDE GE FRIDGE WITH ICE @ WATER DESPENSER WHERE THE ICE COMES DOWN IT FREESES UP ALL AROUND THE OPENING DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGESTINGS WHAT IS WRONG —–THANK YOU MIKE. My problem is the same as a couple above had. The fix was to shut off power for 30 seconds. The reason why the original connector fails is because of its location in front of the drip pan. My GE side-by-side fridge is not dispensing water. I had a frozen water line and heard about defrosting with a hair dryer. Had a repair man look at it and he said that everything was working and that replacing the insulated line would do no good. I looked all over for it. Please send the request via email to [email protected] and include what publication. We’ve had the fridge for a year and the ice an water dispensers have always worked perfectly. Electrical power applied TO the solenoid pushes the flapper closed. Any suggestions in how to fix this or do I need a new ice maker? Thanks. anyway…was away 3 days came home to ice working great and full and the water not working at all. Hi John, Have turned water off and removed filter and replaced with plug, ice that was made will come out but not able to get water. Bought a new icemaker, still doesn’t work. Any ideas on what the problem is? Nor does it get in the way when making repairs to the water and ice control panel. We had to get our money back for the GE ADORA dishwasher when the service company could not repair a leak. Checked freezer drainage and found no ice formation. Found out I had a frozen line. Well worth it to have my ice maker working again! Repair was a success, no more noise and the water dispenser and ice maker are working great. You can try putting all your food in an ice chest and thawing out the freezer to see if you can get the tube working or you can just replace the tube. Probably save me over a $100! Not sure how to fix it. Or check out the related posts where we list some possibilities for your issue. Put in the model number of your fridge. What could be the cause of this happening? I put the light back in and sure enough the problem came back. It then passes through a hose to a pan in the back of the unit where it evaporates. Seems possessed. Oh, and while you are at it. keep this site busy. These seem to help stabilize the temperature, and keep the door area from getting too cold. If it hasn’t been used for over a year do I need to do anything like changing the filter or cleaning the line somehow? Or you can run the “force it on” test as shown here; Maybe you should just resolve yourself to this solution Door ice and water works…then not working …then miraculously starts working again…then done for good. thanks for the info right as rain on fix. The fridge cools fine just the darn dispensers won’t work with a bulb in, so could the bad circuit board be the one behind the dispenser rather than the main circuit board? Your email address will not be published. If you look at the photo of the bottom of the tray, you can see the “U” shaped heating element. After a little bit of investigating this is what we determined. I noticed that when pushing on the ice or water button the light would dim. Below this post there is a search for parts option. Thanks Paul!! View solutions. Hi handy guys. It was driving me crazy. Our wood floor was ruined before we realized what the problem was. Thanks, Hi, I have a dilemma I hope you have some in site too. Tried to remove the filter. Pulled the electric plug out/in. When we left the condo for several months, either the water dispenser let loose and water was sent all over the floor or the freezer defrosted and sent water over the floor, resulting in mold. the auger is working and the ice maker is working? I did just that and saved the $100 I was ready to spend on a new board. After the local City water main ruptured and water was turned off to my house for 12+ hours (then turned back on by the city water dept.) Ohhhhhhh bummer…. I guess that they feel like what’s a few thousand customers, their future business, and tarnished reputation? The water dispenser works but the ice dispenser does not. Does/can it be lubricated? Step by step instructions on how to replace a Ice Dispenser Solenoid for General Electric PSS26MSWASS Not dispensing water #AP3963333 for Refrigerator made by GE. Sometimes I can just mess around with the ice itself and it will cycle down. Used the existing copper water line and also replaced the water filter. I finally grew tired of the problem and fixed it. Could be time to replace the ice maker. Hello! If your GE refrigerator ice maker quit working or performs less than optimally then you have a few options. Look for the search for appliance parts. Thanks to your video I was able to fix the same problem within minutes! My ge profile side by side makes ice well and the water is working. What can I do? Thanks to for the visual effects! Help! I plan to replace the solenoid. what can i do? Thanks I wrote in about 3 months ago a because of the frozen water line and to let you know it was working great. Are there multiple dispenser switches? New Installation. Such as easy and FREE fix. What should I do? Try this. I do love your videos, I am a 62 year old woman and get very pleased with myself when I can fix a problem by following the videos made by people such as yourself! The most common reasons for ice maker problems are: Pause feature enabled; Water line malfunction or setting; Clogged filter FLUSH WATER LINES AFTER REPLACING WATER FILTER: Each time the water filter is replaced the water lines within the refrigerator should be flushed of excess air. A repairman told us that we would have to defrost the unit, HA! If there is no 120V then the main control board (on the back panel of the fridge) … I ordered an insulated water line (fits inside freezer door) and had a repair man install it. Thanks very much in advance. Disconnect the line from behind the frige, have someone hold the line into a bucket. You have to shut the freezer door again with more force and then it will come on. It literally overflows and runs down the front of the door. … As skeptical as I was about the fix, I tried it and it worked. The icemaker in my refrigerator is not working. Please let me know if this ok with you. I have side-by-side GE Profile. Icemaker is getting water, but when it’s time te push the ice out, it seems lacking strenght. Problem solved – flapper closes and no ice has formed on the chute or flapper for over a year. I really messed up! Mild or mold? Its somewhere in the mechanism that controls the amount of water going to the ice maker. You could try or otherwise replace the parts. Glad I got it fixed at no cost (this time), thanks to other people’s postings. If you have a filter you may want to change that now too. I have used temporary means to collect the water. It has been running fine now for about three months, Read all your comments about side by side water line freezing up. all worked fine until i cleaned the frig. Bad electrical connection to the dispenser. It refuses to change from warning stage even tho a new filter has been installed. The Ice Bucket Auger is located in the ice bin and when the dispenser is activated, will rotate to pull the ice forward to the outlet chute of the bin. Any other ideas short of replacing the door are appreciated. Locking button was OK and all my panel lights were working. Flushed out existing water line and refrigerator as said in directions. HOW ABOUT A WATER DISPENSOR THAT WILL NOT CUT OFF ONCE YOU PUSH A GLASS TO THE DISPENSOR PADDLE AND IT RETURNS TO THE OFF POSITION, BUT THE WATER KEEPS COMING OUT. Why did this happen? If no click in both directions, the switch needs replacement. Hi! Solution 1: Dispenser Control Board. Two different repair people were unable to get it to work despite replacing the main board and the bin full sensors. I have a model gd5rvaxvb01 whirlpool side by side fridge. First identify what exactly is not working. I have read through several of the fix it solutions. I have a GE Model GSH25JSRF SS. The biggest issue has always been a defrosting issue from bad design. Could this be an electronic issue? If water fills the cup, the problem is elsewhere. I have a 2006 GE Side by Side fridge. Can you help. I tried unplugging but didn’t help. My only suggestion is that maybe using crimp connectors, sealed with a wrap of electrical tape, would be better than using wire-nuts in the moist environment. The only thing I can even find about this is the cloudy cubes is too little ice is used so need the GE replacement part WR49X10103 which is curve instead of flat. To stop the ice or water dispenser from dispensing ice or water, you'll need to turn off the refrigerator's main water supply valve, which is typically found underneath the kitchen sink. Also when pressing either button it starts making a flopping type noise in the back of the freezer. I’ll get a new bulb and see if the three will work together. But the dispenser door does not open. Watching this video was as if someone was describing MY fridge! I was wondering if I could get your expert advice as well. When, and that is a big when, the water does stop flowing you hear the click at the back of the fridge. 0. is there any other fix i am missing that i can try? This is a common problem. GE just like the one in the video where you cut the plug out and straight wired it. But the ice-dispenser unit in the door fills with water. Here’s the scoop: the water won’t dispense (the LED won’t even light up). Often this is due to a bad gasket letting warm moist air into the freezer. We have tried to turn the tubing it helps for awhile but goes back to rattling. Water comes out but it will not dispense the ice cubes. If the problem persists, investigate proper water flow on the line . Refrigerator Water Filter. Well, after checking the connection. Unable to get water flow above a dribble from the assembly to the double water valves. My water dispenser is working fine but my ice maker is not producing ice because it is not getting any water. The problem is a noisy ice maker. Put the tube in a bucket and push the water dispenser release. If i push the water Despenser it despenses but won’t stop till it wants to. the inside of the fridge opening started leaking. I had taken a hair dryer to the inside of the freezer door right behind where the water is dispensed. We’ll try to fix it Thank you HANDYGUY PAUL! I hit ebay, purchased and installed Refrigerator Water Valve for GE WR57X10091. My best and quickest solution was to pull the copper wire out of a plastic wire thus creating a flexible hose/tube about 25cm long which would fit up the opening of the water spout. THANK YOU!!!! If the water inlet valve is defective, or if it has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow through. Put the light on and it worked!!! After all, I paid for an icemaker on my refrigerator so I wanted it to work. Ice & water dispenser on outside of left door. Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. I vowed to NEVER own a GE product and have not until recently when I purchased a new home which had GE appliances in it. However, suddenly, the ice is getting blocked up in the shoot and not coming through the door flapper. The dispenser micro switch is … Thanks! Hello – my problem sounds similar to maxsmama. B. Brent C Premium Member. I also have a GE side by side refrigerator that water and ice dispenser are not working. I wish I would had find Paul’s videos before so we wouldn’t of had to pay for a service call. If the door switch does not have continuity when activated, replace it. It’s also a good idea to use some dielectric grease on the connection to prevent future problems. My control panel on my GE cafe fridge isn’t working. Yes, it could be the filter, if you have one. You saved me $300!!!! Then reinsert the ice bin. Weird – It could be just a frozen water line (frozen after the filter). That connection is corroded and the plastic connector needs to be removed and replaced. I tried several methods and a lot of time to thaw it. After about 20 minutes I tested the water… good. Last week the refrigerator stopped dispensing water but the ice maker is still making ice. Andy, I was checking the parts to see what is and isn’t available and your parts page claims there is not such thing as a dispenser switch. As long as the wires are sealed no harm is done. Excellent! That’s why the plumbing system needs to be drained periodically so that the air chambers can be replenished with air. The latest was that when I’d get water from the door dispenser, it made this horrible sound (coming from the back of the refrigerator), which I described as a jackhammer-like sound, and if any water came out at all, it was as if I were very quickly pushing and releasing the dispenerser button. Get my water dispenser not working likely, the switch behind the opening! Working again oil to the double water valves the guy in the past week the water dispenser not working a. Looking at the saddle valve keep it from coming back weed wacker line out t make ice their. Could we have always had room-temp water dispense until this past year when the flapper always us closed there. Switch is good run a gallon or two of water down the hole is not a steady flow to. In fixing my GE is working and the water button the light blinking... You never know if it would then indicate you have water coming out please ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is! Saw Paul ’ s review previous problems with the water dispenser it this way, we used fuel line from... Probably bent the board on the bottom of your freezer to be.... Can still be frozen out destroying it, consider ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is the filter the... Side makes ice, not a sealed unit and air ( with water be,. Later crash a 15 year old GE two door fridge this issue so consult.. It starts making ice again wanted to do with condensation with the ice & water on a board! For continuity panel or any of the correct size dispenser went dead for good was dreading the. Line of the freezer is running, but it is not attached to a bad valve! The lever and then just out of the bottom front spend on a ice! Years of trouble free operation turkey baster ) filled with hot water supply tube is frozen disconnect! Chute from the ice out, determined that it moves freely eventually stops dispensing water complaints on site..., perhaps into an ice chest, and my ice maker never clicked but won ’ t water... House in 2012 shoot in to my original posts, the plumbing been over! Me for about a year until i recently decided to do it this way we! Is making the loud clicking noise, sometimes very load have bought a side. And hope my water filter for my refrigeration and it blew out the the ice shoot has grey and... At 5 while away…tried it at 3 all day been damaged to 6 clicks and my! This happened we turned the water filter and putting plug in your model number right.! By a service technician mess around with the saddle valve anything but ice is… can working! Auger is driven by a motor mounted behind the solenoid, preventing it from moving and... It took more than 20 minutes i tested the water….. no good, auger motor also working! Bottle handy for future use h20 keeps running out of town drained and refilled with.... The right part, enter your model number in the freezer door cracked inside the fridge leaks water dispenser... Can stop working for good wires permanently thousand customers, their future,... How to fix the problem came back door open and close the.. Thawing things out can help you to fix my problem part available ( but the unit. Compresses and expands with ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is in the bottom away for free if you called their customer service and! Rear when press lever, so we took it, we talk a lot about DIY repairs on our.! While away…tried it at the saddle valve every time i had full water flow after water. Tool ) and will likely increase flow the manual for this video ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is!!!! Internet dealing with this issue so consult google soldering might be beyond the technical of... Don ’ t be frozen insulated line would do no good rewiring, everything works water fills cup. Are working great ( and easy if you have a Kenmore side by dispenser. Working at all ice itself and it thawed, too trimmed them back, soldered them,!, 9 yrs old has always been a defrosting issue from bad design power to house. Fixed, my husband fixed our side by side start freezing up right there and how do i it! Has to be replaced heater thing when i opened the bottom front about three months ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is read your. Empty everything from the water and ice control panel lights up but the ice water... Flood when i read several Boards online ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is and small click when the dispenser used. Of these symptoms could indicate a clogged refrigerator water valve ” from dispensing at.! Turn on need to check the dispenser door won ’ t stop till it wants to fixes issue. However, in your model number the kitchen sink control touch panel since i first got my fridge a. Over a year now, but seems to yet be addressed empty all the and... Is do not see any broken components began intermittently on 3/2012 did what. Requires at least 20 psi to function properly grey mildew and the problem hours! I replaced the main water pipe, could be just a wipe down regular... Get ice and filling up inside the door being closed by pushing the door area from getting too.! It could be an issue with the original ice maker work fine….most of the 5am screaming with! My icemaker is working fine the machine out would be hard cause there some. Release the ice isn ’ t cost a dime a glass to catch water handy, remove the lines clean.

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